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Our mission is to create an enjoyable environment where everyone feels valued and welcome. Through teamwork, we ensure the best salon experience.



Your life is busy and your hair/skin is important!  Having the preference for one service provider is good, but it can also be limiting.  We encourage you to feel comfortable with all of our service providers. This gives you the opportunity to double or triple the options of days and times for the most important appointment of your day.  We want to help you take advantage of all the services we offer to optimize your experience!


Have you ever thought about changing your look?  Making a change from long to short hair or making a dramatic change in color?  With a team culture, each service provider has unique specialties and personalities.  We encourage you to get to know our entire team by trying out different service providers.  This gives you the opportunity to have other perspectives on your hair/skin, all geared to make you feel and look your absolute best!


Have you ever just wanted to try someone new, but felt your service provider would be upset or hurt?  Not here, our team culture is not centered on the “ME” or “JEALOUSY”.  This means our clients should never feel that they would be offending a stylist by utilizing another member of the team.  Why, because our team knows it is all about “YOU”!


It is important for you to know, we work together to help you achieve your desired look.  Also, it is not “US” who creates your beauty, but rather it is “YOU”!  We are here to ensure that you always receive the best experience possible.  Always know, you have options within our salon and we want you to stay with us.  Again, it’s all about YOU!

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