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What is balayage? What is a toner/gloss? Do I need these?


A technique for highlighting the hair in which the color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. It’s a great method if you want to refresh your color,but don’t want to go for a bold color overhaul. Balayage is all about how the color is applied. The word balayage originates from the French term “to sweep.” With balayage, the transition between dark and light will be more natural looking.

Balayage allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable re-growth. The principal idea being less is more when creating a natural, multi-tonal finish. The technique uses patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color.

Bleaching is a tool that we use to take color out of the hair. During this process, you are pulling the pigment from the hair, but not adding any color back into the hair. Without toning, you risk having a "raw bleach" appearance.

Your final color comes from the toning process. You can go anywhere with a toner. On blondes, cooler toner makes the color more silvery and warmer toner makes it more warm. Toning is the most important part of the color process.

Toners don't just add color to the hair. They can also add shine to natural hair and won't affect the color. This gives hair a super glossy varnish-like effect which we call 'glossing.'

Different tones of blonde hair!

There are also some options we carry at Station 710 Salon to keep your color looking great at home!

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Great info! Thank you for sharing.

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